our mission

Go and make disciples of all nations.

Matthew 28:19

Open for an Amazing Journey

Open your eyes. Watch. Every day, thousands of people encounter thousands of others along our sidewalks. Many of these individuals pass by each other unnoticed and untouched. Any sense of purpose is often lost in the crowd. 90% of these people, by their own admission, claim to have no relationship with Jesus. Many have NEVER heard a clear presentation of the Gospel in a way they can understand. If we don't share God's love with them, who will?

People Matter

Open your hearts. We are preparing ourselves for touching a whole LOT MORE people. Jesus has called us as believers, to reach out and share the message of hope with every individual... children, teens, university students, young professionals, adults, families, grandparents - people matter!

Get Ready

OPEN is an 8-week journey of faith. During these weeks we will seek to know God's heart and position our own hearts - completely open - to see what He is doing in our future.

For years, I have said that if a person is open to following God, they will need a passport. Here is your passport for this trip, as well as a bit of travel information. OPEN is a journey of faith! So... Let's go! Open to journey with you.

Pastor Butch


The journey begins

Jesus, I invite You to do anything You need to do, so that You can do the impossible through me.